Ducati 749 999 Starter Upgrade Kit Bike starts in 1 second! UPDATED KIT

Ducati 749 999 Starter Upgrade Kit Bike starts in 1 second! UPDATED KIT

Ducati 749 999 Starter Upgrade Kit Bike starts in 1 second! UPDATED KIT
Ducati 749 / 999 Starter / Starting Upgrade, Bike starts in 1 second! High Value Kit - pays for itself - Read The Feedback! All motorcycles exhibit a definite loss of electrical current flow in just a few years (sometimes as soon as a few months).

All makes of bike can develop serious (and expensive to remedy). Starting issues due to this common problem. This listing is for the Motolectric HICAP II kit for the Ducati 749 and 999 series as shown in the listing gallery image at upper left. All HICAP II kits are priced using a. Spreadsheet that calculates pricing based on.

10 variables including number and lengths of the leads and the number and types of terminals. In this way the amount you pay for a kit is based only on the resources needed to upgrade the circuit on your particular model of bike. We do not sell "one size fits all" kits and we do not price our kits based on the average cost of a kit, only on what your bike requires. NOTE - We have kits to fit ALL Ducati bikes from the 1983 Pantah to the 2014 Panigale. Over 44 custom configured kits for the full series of Ducati motorcycles. We currently make over 80 different kits in our full series. QUICK NAVIGATION For This Listing. 5 details on graphics and photos.

The reasons for the slow and difficult starting issues are many. A most OEM looms actually have tinned brass solenoid/starter terminals (brass flows only 26% of the current that copper flows). B some makes of bike also use steel battery terminals.

(steel flows only 10% of the current that copper flows). C most OEM looms use a generic grade of wire which is prone to oxidation along its length (not just on the ends where you might see the corrosion). D the wire diameter is borderline as to whether it can flow the required current to start the motorcycle.

E the wire is usually a cheap grade of copper and it is a low strand count which limits the energy transfer. F the low strand count wire is not readily deformed at the point of termination and a significant portion of the metal surfaces do not really touch resulting in a choke point to current flow and transfer - most OEM circuits have 6 or more of these choke points. G there is evidence to suggest that the low strand count wire becomes work hardened over time due to the relatively thick strands, the work hardening impedes the current flow. All of the above create a series of choke points along the circuit path that. Can cause a good portion of the required current to be changed to heat resulting in the starter receiving far less current than it requested.

The under-engineered circuits can have dramatic voltage drops in just a few years resulting in hard starting, reduced battery/starter/solenoid life and fouled spark plugs. On high performance bikes with high compression.

The poor conductivity of the overall loom can cause voltage drops creating timing issues with ECUs. This can cause poor running, intermittent hot restart issues and even the engine dying when you stop.

We now market the kit for all the big twin motorcycles as the. MOTOLECTRIC HICAP II - High Capacity ALL COPPER DC Distribution Circuit. It is 99.99% O xygen F ree C opper from tip to tip and can effectively flow the current to start a motorcycle (it will flow 140 amps all day long). We now make model specific kits for. Ducati, Harley-Davidson, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Triumph and Suzuki bikes. Please see our other listings for the other models. We have upgraded our original kit to a MKII configuration.

1666 strands of oxygen free copper [wire is custom made to our specifications]. All kits now use seamless ETP copper terminals [highest quality obtainable]. Kits with our custom fabricated terminals - terminals now made from seamless solid C101 oxygen free copper bar.

New custom made terminal boots [easier to fit over starter and solenoid studs and have more resistance to moisture ingress]. Improves your starting to better than when your bike was new - most bikes start in less than a second (assuming you have a decent battery and your starter or sprag clutch isn't worn out or dragging). Enhances your pride of ownership in your motorcycle - the quick start eliminates that sinking feeling as the engine cranks over and over while you wonder if it will actually start this time. Longer battery life - when your bike doesn't start quickly your battery has to flow current for 3-5-7+ seconds. SLI (starting, lights, ignition) 12 volt batteries as supplied for motorcycles are not designed for this type of extended current flow. This extended high current discharge reduces the life span of your battery. Extended high current discharge cause the oxides in your battery to become soft. This action is cumulative (they get softer during each extended discharge) and the oxides do not "bounce back" (they don't harden back up between discharges). Depending on the type and age of the battery as little as 8-12 high discharge events can cause the oxides to soften enough to deteriorate (begin falling off the battery grids). Once this starts the battery degrades at an advanced rate.

Our kit with its near instant starting will minimize the chance of this happening and allow for the longest life possible from your motorcycle battery. Overall better electrical system performance - the substantially larger (250%+) negative lead stiffens the electrical system for much better current flow at all times. That means better battery charging and brighter lighting along with better performance from all parts of the electrical system (many riders report everything from better idling to better power). Virtually eliminates the chance of the aggravating "fused solenoid syndrome" - when current flows through the solenoid contacts for extended periods it can fuse the contacts together. If this happens your starter will crank the motor until you cut the power by removing a battery connection.

At that point the solenoid must be replaced before you can use the bike. This problem is more common than you would think. Maximizes the life of your starter and sprag clutch - some big twin motorcycles are notorious for chewing through starter motors. By reducing your starting to the shortest time possible our HICAP can reduce the wear on your starter motor by up to 95%. Starter and sprag clutch installation is not trivial. Minimizes your impact on the environment - the proper disposal of lead/acid and AGM batteries (often classified as toxic waste) is an ongoing problem.

By extending the life of your battery you reduce the number of batteries you use during the ownership of your bike. Our HICAP II upgrade kit will restore your starting system to better than when your bike was new.

The HICAP II will pay for itself in reduced operating costs for your motorcycle. OUR KIT REQUIRES NO CUTTING OR SPLICING OF ANY OF YOUR OEM WIRES. It is built overspec so that it will deliver its superior performance for many many years.

Many normal installations are to replace all the leads in the starter circuit. Depending on the particular motorcycle the HICAP II may be run in parallel with the OEM leads if they are woven into the main loom. We have photo/text install guides online. Our kit is VERY easy to install. If you can get to your battery, the starter and solenoid you can install the kit.

No highly technical expertise is required. DETAILS ON GRAPHICS AND PHOTOS. Descriptions of the photos at the bottom of this listing.

A complete 3 lead HICAP II kit for Ducati 749 / 999 series bikes. B close up photo of our. Wire manufactured from 1666 strands of 37 gauge. The wire bundle is created from 7 smaller bundles each with 238 individual strands of 37 gauge wire.

Each strand in the 7 bundles is twisted into a "rope lay" configuration and then those 7 bundles are themselves configured into a rope lay. This creates an homogenous wire that does not loosen along its length due to heat or vibration as the OEM or other aftermarket straight lay wires often do. C cutaway of the seamless high purity copper terminals we use and our technique of stripping our wire long and then forcing it into the closed ended terminal to maximize the area of contact between the strands and the copper terminal. Also note the double crimps on the terminal tube resulting in a near solid termination for 15 mm of length.

This maximizes the energy transfer from the wire strands to the seamless ETP copper terminal. D cross section comparison of our product vs. OEM and alternate aftermarket solutions from auto parts stores. 1 OEM Ducati lead 2 OEM Triumph lead 3 cheapie Ducati M900 replacement kit for (supposedly) 1999 bike - based on our measurements it will not fit the bike. (it is a knockoff of our original kit for the Ducati E900 circa 2002).

4 chain autoparts store prebuilt 4 GA lead 5 small. Store prebuilt lead 4 GA lead. E graphic shows how low strand count wire as supplied in almost all OEM bike looms have large gaps that allow for corrosion along the length of the wire. Also note that the stands actually only touch on a small portion of their surface (blue bars). Each super thin (37 gauge) strand in our high strand count wire is very much softer than the thick strands used in low strand count wire.

At the point of termination where we crimp the wire to the terminal the thin strands are much more readily crushed to conform to the interior of the terminal. This means those small open spaces inbetween the strands are eliminated creating a termination approaching a solid.

Our production technique is to double crimp all conventional eyelet terminals at multi-ton pressure and for our custom flat bar terminals the pressure is in excess of 5 tons. E example of the type of hidden corrosion commonly found on open ended terminals. After only a few years when those low cost terminals. Are used on starter circuits.

F examples of the types of custom configured terminals we fabricate to perfectly reproduce the layout on your bike. Photo showing how the HICAP II custom solid copper terminals as supplied on some kits nest under the OEM allowing you to install the kit without cutting any wires or modifying your bike. You just will not believe how easily your bike can start! 1 we don't just give you a replacement lead, we give you a much larger lead for high current flow for a very long time. Kit includes 3 new starter circuit leads; 1 from the battery positive to the starter solenoid, a lead from the solenoid to the starter and a new return lead from the engine ground to the battery negative terminal.

2 our circuits are made with 4 gauge 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper which is made up of 1666 individual strands of 37 gauge copper wire in a rope like configuration. O xygen F ree C opper is a special type of copper that has been smelted under much cleaner conditions than conventional commercial grade copper.

The cleanliness required to minimize the amount of oxygen has the additional benefit of minimizing the amount of other impurities, resulting in a copper that resists corrosion and the attendant reduced current flow capability longer than other types of copper. That is why it is used extensively in the advanced robotics industry and other fields where a long service life and long term high performance are essential. Our high strand count and rope configuration are optimized to flow 12-36 DC volts and still be easy to install in tight turns.

The high strand count also helps minimize the possibility of vibration developing microscopic fractures in the copper strands that can reduce current flow. 3 our conventional shape eyelet terminals are electrolytic tough pitch copper.

We supply our kits with a high grade silcone based dielectric grease that you use to coat the terminals to minimize (and monitor) any corrosion. The seamless terminals are supplied with closed ends to create a circuit sealed against the environment.

All terminal joints are double high pressure swaged to maximize contact. And then reinforced with a layer of dual wall shrink tubing at the juncture. A a strip of 3M. Synthetic steel wool for polishing up all mating surfaces to a bright and smooth shine prior to installation. B a quantity of very high quality silicone based dielectric grease to help maintain a top quality connection (it is not petroleum based). C a quantity of shrink tubing to allow you to blank off the OEM battery positive to solenoid lead if needed. Test, UV resistant tie-wraps so you can do a clean tidy installation. E correctly sized, custom made, marine grade, full coverage terminal boots.

F alcohol wipes for cleaning mating surfaces of grease and debris. G aerospace grade 303 plastic treatment for rejuvenating bike specific terminal boots and to ease in locating the terminal boots on the 4. Installed the kit this evening. I really did not think it would make such a difference.

It started within a fraction of a second without any of the usual lazy cranking. The kit arrived this week and I installed it with the aid of the instructions on the website. I must admit that I was impressed with the quality of the kit. Everything went well and the Hyper starts better than it did before. We rode the RT this past weekend and it just fires right up, even after a couple weeks with no charger. It was starting in about two or three revolutions, I think, instead of the former 5 or 6. Interestingly, I'm hearing less alternator whine through the Autocom.

That was unexpected, but very, very welcome. Well I installed the gran canyon starter lead set today,,,, in a word astounding!!!

Thanks for your help and kit. No problems with install and my Ducati 996S starts like it never has before. One push of the button, it didn't even have to do a full roll over and it was running. Well though out kit with a outstanding quality.

I'm truely impress and amazed at how it completely solved the slow starting. You should offer it as a package to Ducati they would certainly be equally amazed. Just wanted to thank you guys for your awesome battery cables for the Ducati 999. Bike if it wasn't for Motolectric.

She starts first time every time and will surely increase the starter. I love this bike now and wouldn't trade it for nothing. Thanks again for saving my ride. Thanks for your message and the info. I have seen your photo guide for installation and it is very comprehensive with all stages shown with really clear photos. Why can't everyone take the effort that you obviously have if they are trying to illustrate something. The level of detail of the installation and the clear passion that you have for your products went the major way to me placing my order.

Looking forward to receipt, fitting and easy starting of my Paso. You obviously have done your research, because it has.

Achieved everything you have claimed. _gsrx_vers_526 GS 6.6.6 (526). This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Motorcycle Parts\Electrical & Ignition\Other Electrical & Ignition". The seller is "motolectric" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Ducati 749 999 Starter Upgrade Kit Bike starts in 1 second! UPDATED KIT